YLI ELECTRONICS is an integrated company with independent development, production, sales as well as service. Yli Electronics owns advanced production equipment, complete inspection&test measures and standard quality guarantee systems. All our products adopt a digital process to guarantee the accuracy and consistency of our products, which have been awarded a number of certifications, like China MA, EU CE, Russia PCT, American UL, etc. more...
2010  Establishment of Beijing Subbranch.
Establishment of China Southwest Subbranch.
Top 10 Influential Brands in China Security Industry.
2011  Establishment of Fujian Subbranch.
Partisan of Shenzhen Security and Protection Industry Association.
Jinding Awards of CPSE Expo in 2011.
2012  Establishment of Hunan Subbranch.
Certification of American UL. more...
CE is an important security authentication mark. In the market of EU, CE is a mandatory mark to sign the products correspond to the basic requirements of the instructions called technical coordination and standardization of the new method.
UL is the most authoritative safety research institute. It is also the professional agency devote to safety test and identification, it is also an independent, nonprofit agency to test for public security. more...
New Product : YS-137NO/NC Recommended